BSG Management Company is a full-service Real Estate investments, development, management and brokerage firm with its main offices located in North Bergen NJ.The company was established in 1997 as a successor to a sister company and moved its headquarters to North Bergen, NJ.

Our team has been responsible for the successful disposition of over five hundred properties in New York and New Jersey. BSG Management Company is the management arm of the affiliated syndicated entities enabling successful in-house management of the syndications we sponsor.

Currently, BSG Management Company directly manages over 700 residential units and over 400,000 Square feet of commercial, retail, and industrial properties with a geographic concentration in Downstate New York and Central and Northern New Jersey. In addition to the core geographic area of New York and New Jersey, we supervise or co-manage select projects in Pennsylvania, Arkansas, and Michigan.

During the past twenty years, we have successfully taken over multiple mismanaged and distressed properties and have boasted successful redevelopment and reorganization of these assets into economically and functionally viable and profitable properties.

Our experience enables us to successfully absorb distressed assets into our portfolio of managed properties and redress them and move them into professionally managed and viable business entities.

Currently, our management includes the following property types residential complexes, mixed use assets, strip centers, flex properties, offices, development projects and condominium and townhome complexes.


We have been involved in real estate ventures and syndications for more than thirty years.

During the 1980’s the scope of our investments started with acquiring, renovating, and disposing one to four family homes in the outer boroughs of New York City. Gradually we expanded the asset types to include investing in vacant lots, construction of one to four family homes and mixed-use properties, conversion and re-positioning of existing structures, upgrading and re positioning of retail centers and mixed-use properties, including flex properties and those with office components.

Our syndications are designed to incentivize our performance and position our investors in the front end when it comes to realizing and disbursing profits and investors capital.

As syndicators, we generally participate in the transactions with our own hard cash ensuring our “skin in the game”.

The syndications are generally designed to return investors capital as well as a designated preferred return to the investors before allowing any disbursements to the syndicators. Our syndicated projects are asset or portfolio specific enabling investors the knowledge and the choice of participating in the particular investments.


We currently follow the following acquisition criteria:

Geographic Region:

  • Downstate New York, including the five boroughs of New York City, Westchester, Nassau and Suffolk Counties
  • Central and Northern New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania
Property Type:
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Mixed Use
  • Strip and Shopping Centers
  • Hospitality
  • Existing structures with expansion possibilities
  • Flex properties
  • Storage facilities
  • Net Lease
  • New Construction
value Consideration:
  • Value add opportunities
  • Opportunistic investing
  • Stabilized properties with expansion possibilities
  • Stalled projects
  • Environmentally challenged properties
  • Management deficient properties
  • High risk/High return portfolios

Debt Acquisition & Restructuring

Evaluating and acquiring distressed debt and tax liens calls for due diligence on an additional layer of data thereby creating another dimension to real estate investing.

We have been acquiring and restructuring distressed debt and tax liens on real estate assets and portfolios, for more than two decades.

Our focus is primarily on commercial and mixed-use assets in the Downstate New York, and Central and Northern New Jersey areas. In the past, we have expanded the geographic area of operations to outside of this core area on select assets and portfolios and in order to take advantage of market fluctuations.

Our experience and deep knowledge in this field allows us to timely and expeditiously evaluate single assets, as well as portfolios, formulate action recommendations, structure syndications capable of purchasing or assisting in the sale or restructuring of debt or the underlying assets, manage the assets and the underlying properties, and redress the portfolio and successfully reposition the underlying assets

Build To Suit

Over the past decade, we have expanded our scope of business to include build-to-suit and design-build services for national and regional retail and professional tenants. We often look for opportunities to find suitable and desirable locations for our relationships.

When the opportunity arises, and upon successful feasibility study and negotiation, we design and construct, or modify, retail and office spaces to suit tenants needs. Providing Design-build spaces and structures enable us to forge long lasting relationships with tenants while providing the means of enhancing value for our syndicated portfolios.​

We are proud to count the following tenants amongst our relationships:


With over thirty years of property and asset management experience, our management team specializes in turning around and stabilizing mismanaged and distressed properties and portfolios.

Our asset management during the pre-property ownership phase consists of debt portfolio management, repositioning, restructuring, and/or refinancing strategies.

Upon taking over a distressed property, our team starts by evaluating the deficiencies and opportunities for the property or portfolio. We then implement an action plan and a capital budget to address and improve upon the deficiencies, and the mismanaged issues afflicting a property. During that process, we also implement a plan to improve upon and upgrade the physical condition and the financial operations of the property. This process may include property improvements, additions and expansions, tenant repositioning, demolition, construction, releasing, and other necessary physical and financial improvements.

Upon stabilization, properties are added to the management portfolio and we continue the day-to-day management activities consistent with each individual property’s goals.